Temples of Angkor

Just outside Siem Reap are the which date back to the 9th through the 15th century. No traveler to the region should miss the magnificent beauty at one of the world’s leading ancient sites, with the impressive proportions of the Great Wall of China, the intricacy and detail of the Taj Mahal, and the symbolism and symmetry of the pyramids, all rolled into one. The Temples are a major pilgrimage site for many Cambodians as well as a source of inspiration and national pride.Collage IMG_2188-2324 fv

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day 3 – made it to Siem Reap, it is the jumping off point to the hundreds of the Khmer Kingdom’s Angkor Temples dating back to the 9th–15th centuries. With a population of just over 230,000 Siem Reap is a bustling city catering primarily tourism.Collage IMG_1991-2115 fv

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Phnom Penh Parting Shots

Parting shots from Phnom Penh’s National Museum. Top, prayer alter to the divine deity Buddha; lower left detail of temple’s tendril like finials that are prevalent in traditional Khmer architecture; lower left, detail of a carved sandstone lentil from an ancient Buddhist Temple.Collage IMG_1885-1866 fv

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National Museum of Cambodia

On our final day in Phnom Penh included a visit to the National Museum of Cambodia. Built between 1917 and 1920 it is a striking example of traditional Khmer architecture. The museum is home to the one of the world’s finest collections of Khmer sculpture spanning the 7th through 20th centuries. Next stop Siem Reap and the ruins of Angkor, the seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th–15th centuries.

Collage IMG_1885-1913 fv

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Cambodian Folk and Classical Dances

Last evening we had the opportunity to attend a cultural dance and music performance at the National Museum featuring a variety of Cambodian folk and classical dances. The colors, sounds and pageantry were a feast for the senses.

Collage IMG_139-67-65 fv

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Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace

The setting of the Royal Palace in is pretty spectacular. It has been the home to Cambodia’s rulers since the mid-19 century. The throne room and adjacent buildings are open to public viewing. From left to right clock wise, tourists in front of the Throne Room, courtyard, colonnade, frescos and the Silver Pagoda.Collage IMG_1753-65 fv

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Phnom Penh

My wife and I made it to Cambodia en route to see our daughter and her family in Singapore. First stop Phenom Penh. The red Tuk Tuk in the foreground is the best way to get around for both locals and tourists!web IMG_1704 fv

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NYC Snow!

Double burr on departure day…it began snowing as we arrived at the airport. Cannot wait for warmer Tucson temps in the 70’s!

web IMG_3753 fv

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NYC Neighborhoods

We had the opportunity to walk through some of the late 1800’s & early 1900’s upscale neighborhoods just off 5th Ave as well as the tenements on the lower east side…the story of the haves and have-nots is not a new one.

web IMG_1694-1487

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Radio City Music Hall

The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall is . . . . well spectacular! The Rockettes have been performing during the holidays in Radio City Music Hall since opening night on Dec. 27th, 1932.

web IMG_1384-1543

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