Les Chantiers Écoles- Artisans Angkor

On day 6 we had the opportunity to visit Les Chantiers Écoles- Artisans Angkor in Siem Reap. The school was developed in 1992 to revitalize Cambodian traditional cultural art, which was dealt a severe blow by the Khmer Rouge and its aftermath. The school teaches wood and stone carving techniques, traditional silk painting, lacquer-ware and other artisan skills to alleviate poverty for rural youth while passing on artisan skills to a future generation and providing job opportunities.

Collage IMG 2001-2017


About FotoVentures Photo-Graphic Art

I am a freelance photographer and writer who has had had a passion for photography since first using my Dad’s 35 mm camera as a teenager. The amazing digital innovations revolutionizing the photographic arts in recent years have only served to heighten my passion for the art form. My magazine articles and accompanying photography specialize in sharing the wonder of Hispanic culture, history and architecture. You can see more of my work at www.fotoventures.net.
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