Floating Villages

Spent the morning of day 5 in a mini-van driving through the countryside to take a riverboat to visit the Floating Villages on the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia. Once on the boat the landscape quickly revealed the first village in the distance, it’s a real eyeopener observing the poverty and the simple life of the villagers. Our guide explained that the village we were coming upon was one of many in the area and that it was inhabited by 1100 to 1200 people. As the water levels change throughout the year, the villagers need to relocate their floating houses to different locations based on the seasonal rains and dry periods. The villages are very typical in that they have small floating markets, schools, restaurants and bars, basketball courts, gas stations and the like.Collage IMG_2458-2454 fv


About FotoVentures Photo-Graphic Art

I am a freelance photographer and writer who has had had a passion for photography since first using my Dad’s 35 mm camera as a teenager. The amazing digital innovations revolutionizing the photographic arts in recent years have only served to heighten my passion for the art form. My magazine articles and accompanying photography specialize in sharing the wonder of Hispanic culture, history and architecture. You can see more of my work at www.fotoventures.net.
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