Diego Rivera’s San Angel Studio Encore

Diego’s San Angel Studio encore . . . in the top exterior view you can see the studio’s magnificent 2nd floor-to-ceiling north facing window’s. This is where Diego painted many of his famous works from the mid 1930’s until his death in 1957. The studio’s spacious interior showcases many of his “Judases”, large paper mache effigies, that are traditionally set on fire during Holy Week.

collage san angel encore


About DChavezPhotography

I am a freelance photographer and writer who has had had a passion for photography since first using my Dad’s 35 mm camera as a teenager. The amazing digital innovations revolutionizing the photographic arts have only served to heighten my passion for the art form. My magazine articles and photography specialize in sharing the wonder of Hispanic traditions, customs, and culture. You can see more of my work at www.fotoventures.net.
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