Commercial Laundry Photoshoot

Just wrapped my first “industrial” photo shoot for a new corporate account that needed images of their recent commercial laundry installation. The images will be used for advertising and promotional banners, brochures and print ads. There was a bit of a learning curve working from the ad agency’s story boards to shoot images that met their specs allowing areas for the addition of “text”.

collage washers


About DChavezPhotography

I am a freelance photographer and writer who has had had a passion for photography since first using my Dad’s 35 mm camera as a teenager. The amazing digital innovations revolutionizing the photographic arts have only served to heighten my passion for the art form. My magazine articles and photography specialize in sharing the wonder of Hispanic traditions, customs, and culture. You can see more of my work at
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1 Response to Commercial Laundry Photoshoot

  1. Hi Dan,

    Love your new work. Are you back in Tucson?

    I’ve been invited to be a “Cowgirl with a Camera” again at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in November. Last time I printed my images in Gilbert at Art Intersection. I’ve been having problems with my back and won’t be doing that this time. Do you print your own paper images? Do you print for others? The DCWM wants 5 images, in an edition of 5 each, so I need 25 prints before September. An ideas?

    Thanks and congratulations on your Lifestyles articles.

    In Friendship,

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